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Well, that’s a very good question. But actually, the answer is quite simple: starting a business is no walk in the park.

May I introduce myself…

My name is Alexandra Schieren and I started my company about a year ago. Why? In short, I wanted to combine the two things I am good at business-wise: communication and languages.

I have used this combination of skills for many years, for example as the spokeswoman for the world governing body for motorsport or as the Head of Formula One Communications for an international tyre company. I was responsible for the overall media operations of all Formula One races for many years, I have spoken to numerous journalists, have trained managers to speak to the very same and had the privilege of travelling the world while doing so.


So why did I stop, I hear you ask? Well, for two reasons really. The first one was quite simply that I got tired of travelling the equivalent of four times around the world and staying in hotels for more than six months of the year, every year. It sounds very glamorous but I can assure you, it wears off rather quickly. And the other reason? You see, I had the feeling of ‘been there, done that’ after more than 15 years and over 250 races in various motorsport series. I had worked for a team, an international communications agency, the motorsport federation and a big sponsor. I had seen all sides of the business and had learned a tremendous amount about international communications, media relations, and PR. So I had the choice to do the same thing until retirement or to take the plunge and start my own company. I chose the latter: Lingua Communicators was born.


The idea behind it is straightforward. I help companies to sell more abroad or to international customers at home. In order to do so, the company’s communication channels are selected in line with the chosen market(s). They are then adapted to the appropriate language and culture. This can be a professionally translated website, a multilingual brochure, a social media campaign in the language of the targeted market(s) or the development and management of international media relations. I also offer tailor-made language training, mainly in English and German, and interpreting services for international events of any kind. I have the help of professionals around the world as well as locally which enables me to offer my various services when my clients need them, and only then. The advantage is obvious: no big overhead costs – neither for me nor consequently the client.


In this blog you will read about various subjects: advice on how to communicate in foreign languages, on how to use PR as a small or medium sized company, the pitfalls of translations, anecdotes from the – sometimes strange – world of Formula One and motorsport…

In any case, welcome to Lingua Communicators – where communication is a language, quite literally.

Alexandra Schieren

Lingua Communicators
Lingua Communicators
Hello! My name is Alexandra Schieren and I am really pleased that you have found your way to my website. I help small and medium-sized companies to choose the communication channels most suited to their goals and budget. I also help finding the matching words to get their corporate message across. If required, in three languages: English, German and French.