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Working together

Communication that fits you company’s goals

Depending on  your target, together we will build a communication strategy that works for you, including for example the selection of communication channels and content, the build-up of distribution lists, writing or editing copy for the selected channels, development of media relations)

Two options:

  • Consulting for a specific project.
  • Regular advice and input for your corporate communication.


Translation and interpreting

I translate   your   communication  tools into German or French (bar technical documents), so that you will reach more international customers. No matter whether that  is a press release, an article or copy for your website.

Three options:

  • A translation, remaining close to the original, so that no important detail gets lost. (This is crucial, for example, for corporate correspondence or instructions.)
  • An adapted translation, meaning that the text will be altered in such a way that it fits the culture  of the target market without losing any of the original information. (This is important, for example, for press releases or articles.)
  • For meetings with your foreign clients or partners I am available to translate verbally. To save cost and time, this service is provided by phone or video conference only.

 My working languages are English, French and German in these areas: sport, motorsport, automotive industry, coaching and professional training, marketing, communication, Internet and social media, transport and luxury.


Improving your French or German

German and French are important languages these days. In order to establish a good contact with your foreign suppliers or customers, there is nothing better than speaking to them directly in their language.

Two options:

  • Tailored classes – to learn a language or improve your language skills. This is usually done by videoconference .
  • Language coaching – to develop the required vocabulary and structures to be able to hold a presentation or speech in German or French.

 My working languages are English, French and German in these areas: sport, motorsport, automotive industry, coaching and professional training, marketing, communication, Internet and social media, transport and luxury.

Adapting your web site

Creating or improving your communication also requires  to adapt your web site:

Three options:

  • Editing of or creating new copy (in English, German or French).
  • Implementation of an emailing campaign or newsletter (layout and copy writing ).
  • Building of your website if you don’t have any (in cooperation with Adhoc Web).



"The whole team would like to thank you for your availability and professionalism. Thanks to your clear copywriting in English, we have been able to communicate with clarity on important topics. You also created presentations of our employees that we were able to present to our foreign partners. Your extensive knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon world as well as your digital skills make it possible for us to serenely continue our communication activities."

Jérôme Perrin - CEO and Co-Founder, Global Exposition Services (France)


"Alexandra has been taking care of my media relations for several years now. Due to extensive PR experience in German-speaking countries, but also on a wider international level, she knows exactly which media pitches fit at any given time. She has the right contacts and helps when it comes to doing the interview itself. In short: media relations from A to Z. Thanks to her I was able to give interviews for national newspapers or business and women's magazines amongst others. Alexandra is very professional, and working with her is always relaxed. I can only recommend her to anyone who would like to be present in the mainstream German-speaking media."

 Sonja Kreye - Business Celebrity (Germany)


"I have been working with Alexandra Schieren for several years. She has always been very reactive and rigorous in all translations requested. Working with Alexandra is a time-saver and a guarantee for professionalism."

 Astrid Sergeant – Founder, Agence Sergeant Paper (France)


"It was great working with Alexandra on the organization of an inauguration. She knew how to structure, anticipate and, above all, communicate the essence of our project. Her view and expertise were essential to the success of this event. Moreover, she is always smiling and in a good mood. It's a pleasure to work with her. Thank you again for your support."

 Aliette Trocheris - Professional Coach, Founder of Coach & Co. (France)


"We have always been very happy with the different services provided by Alexandra Schieren, with whom we have been working for many years. The quality of her work and her ability to adapt to our requirements make her a valuable partner."

 Nathalie Barbet Baker - Director MS Formation (France)


"As I have a background in marketing myself and have been able to gain experience in corporate PR for many years, it was clear to me that when I started my business, that I also had to start doing PR quickly. Since I lack the time, I asked Alexandra to do it for me. I couldn't believe it but after less than four weeks of working together, my dream publication published an article about me! Working with Alexandra is great, she is a professional and, above all, fun. I can only recommend her warmly to everyone who wants to quickly increase their coverage in the mainstream media!"

 Nicole Wehn ​​- Solou Business Solutions (Germany)


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